Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Open Letter to Vice President Cheney

Vice President Cheney~

Thank you for making it harder for those who cannot afford college. The message is perfectly clear: Education is for the elite. Better lives for the elite. Ruin the Arctic Wildlife Reserve (because animals can fight for themselves, right?).

I have never understood the Republican stance: Pull yourself up by your own bootstraps. That has to be the stupidest mentality. Of course there will be those who abuse the system of give and take, but I dare say that the abuse lies far more dangerous when giving preference to corporations over people. To give tax cuts to the already wealthy. Denying education to those who actually seek and want it (unlike your President who probably begrudgingly went to Yale because it was a familial obligation).

To coin a phrase that you use often, FUCK YOU!

Ms. Vandal