Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Holiday Wishes

My holiday wishes to you, my three viewers (if that):

May you go forth in peace and realize that love is better than hate.

If you have questions about this, think on this: Where would you rather your money went? To those who need lunch money, or to Iraq and rebuilding a place where had more reasons for NOT being there than BEING there? Would you rather give a blanket to a homeless person, or carpet bomb Fallujah? Would you rather live the word God, or just offer lip-service to your religion?

The answers are not hard, they are not difficult. Even the President should realize the answers. Too bad he is busy offering religious lip-service than actually doing something that helps average Americans, not just his million-billion-aire friends. There are those who need help here. Help them first, then move to help those overseas.

If Necons are so enlightened, then please explain to me why this need for a double standard: Americans can pull themselves up the bootstraps, but the Iraqi need our assistance? I submit that we work on problems here, then go forth and spread our bounty, wealth, and knowledge.

I do not hate necons, I just do not understand them.

Be well.

Ms. Vandal.