Saturday, October 29, 2005

Cowardice in Indonesia

Read This!

Dear Terrorists~
You fucking cowards! Beheading three teenaged girls in the name of whatever stupid doctrine you believe in will not assure your way into whatever heaven you think you are going to. This is just a blatant act of terrorism. I hope that some day twelve heavily armed men make sure that you die in the same terrifying, agonizing, excuciating way! You six men are COWARDS who haven't an iota of compassion or tolerance. Pick on someone you own size!

I hope you burn in hell,
Political Vandal

Here are some more people that are going straight to hell:

Who would want to kill a priest? This man was my best friends priest whenever she attened Mass in TJ. This gentle caring man said Mass for my bestfriends Grandfather. It is just such a horrible crime that requires justice.

Once again, I hope you burn in hell,

Political Vandal