Sunday, December 18, 2005

Gov. Schwarzenegger

Gov. Schwarzenegger,

Once again I must point my poison keyboard towards Governor Schwarzenegger. By not commuting the sentence of Stanley Tookie Williams, his blood is on your hands. Granted he has blood on his, but as long as the justice system is broken, we have no business whatsoever condemning anyone to pay the ultimate price for those horrible crimes.

Yes, what he did was horrible. But to call his conversion as a sort of lip service is way out of line. Of all people, you should realize the value of a second chance. I mean if the people of California had remembered the little grabby, grabby and nookie you admitted to, then you would have never won the election.

His outreach to the African-American community was astounding. He was a living testimonial to the ravages of Gang warfare. And you quieted that voice. The next election is looking more and more difficult, huh?

Ms. Vandal