Wednesday, December 21, 2005

A Letter to My Senators; Boxer and Feinstein (Democrat, CA) THANK YOU.

I called both of my Senators today (Barbara Boxer and Dianne Feinstein). I thanked them for trying to quash the Medicaid,Pell Grants for Students, and Medicare cuts. Though I did not get to speak with them personally (nor was I expecting to) I felt compelled to thank them. I think they hear too much about what they have done wrong versus a real thank you (other than on election day) for the job they are doing. I am proud to have them as my Senators.


President Bush praised the vote as "a victory for taxpayers, fiscal restraint and responsible budgeting," and he said it would help achieve his goal of cutting the federal deficit in half by 2009. In a statement, he said the bill marked "the first time in nearly a decade that Congress has reduced entitlement spending."

And if President Bush knew ANYTHING about fiscal responsibility, he would go ahead and tax the uber-wealthy and corporations. He wouldn't allow jobs to go overseas. He would use a myriad of tactics to decrease the tax burden on the low and middle class (because after all, it is THEIR money that stays here in the United States, unlike the UBER Wealthy and Corporations in the Grand Caymans). The middle class actually has pride in American made products. They actually use their very hard earned money, and if the economy needs to be jumped started, give them more money to spend here in the United States by giving them the god-damned tax cuts!!! Not faceless, money hoarding, bottom line wielding fascist terrorists we call Corporate America!

We need to change the face of the political map with the mid-term elections next year and the Presidential election in 2008. It is not too early to be concerned for your future. (Oh hell, for MY future.)

Ms. Vandal
(Who is getting a little more comfortable with posting.)